Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There will be NO more snow in Minnesota this winter,

and our household will take full credit.

We had so much fun with the borrowed snowshoes, we bought some for ourselves. Now, that about guarantees there will be no more snow this winter!

It's our 14th wedding anniversary today, and our snowshoes came just in time. Yes, 14 years; the traditional snowshoe anniversary.

January of 1994 was a record setting cold month. On January 15, the high temp was -9 degrees. The low was -34 degrees. (Paul's friends had always said it would be a cold day in hell when he finally married.)

We discussed many options for honeymooning. I had been going to Sanibel island for many winters. He had been mountain skiing for many winters. After an extensive discussion, we went to Jackson Hole, WY for our honeymoon.

I had only skied in Minnesota. Going to the top of that lift at Jackson, looking down the mountain, I thought I must surely have lost my mind!! "You've got to be kidding - I can't do anything THAT steep!" Paul pushed, prodded and coaxed, and I made it down that hill. Now the only year we haven't mountain skied was the year Girl of the House was born. (She's a December baby.)

So, we're winter people. I haven't been back to Florida since 1993. Paul has NEVER seen the ocean. He'll get there sometime, but I suspect it will be in Washington State, on a summer trip.

Snowshoes are a terrific gift. Just remember who you need to thank for the lack of further snow...

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