Sunday, October 30, 2011

MEA October 2011

Last weekend was the MEA school break in Minnesota.
We traveled to DeSoto, IL to meet with Harlan and Coleen.  They live in Georgia.  We tried to find a place in the middle to meet for the long weekend.  We rented a cute log cabin in DeSoto, IL.

We fit in plenty of activities in the long weekend.
We visited several wineries on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.
We also visited an orchard.
We ate, drank yummy wines, cooked, played games, launched sky lanterns, shot slingshots, fished and geocached.  (note the icky snake that put an end to our geocaching for the day)

I had lots of time to knit on the 650 mile trip.
I knitted and napped and relaxed.
Perhaps I got a bit too relaxed.

I worked on the second sleeve of Paul's sweater.
Can you see how much larger the right sleeve is, compared to the left?
Yeah, the gauge is a full stitch per inch off.
Well, I hadn't knit any part of his sweater twice yet...

I was able to get most of Bekky's sweater finished.
Just needs weaving in and clasps.
Now this sweater, I've knit almost twice in its entirety.
First it was too big.
Once I got the body size right, the sleeves were too small.

So I've knitted the body twice, and one sleeve twice.
It's worth it.
It looks terrific on her.
Once I get it blocked and clasped, I'll get a picture of her modeling it.

This sweater will be just in time.
Ben and Bekky are moving to Denver very soon!

Girl of the House is almost finished with classroom drivers education.
Paul had her out driving in the yard yesterday.
Permit test soon!

Life keeps moving.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Carleton College has a new windmill, easily visible from our deck.

Well, OK, it's not quite as close as it appears.

It's slightly less than a mile away.  

I like the look of it.
Simple pleasures...