Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the countryside, where trick or treaters never ring the bell...

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Girl of the House has gone on a seventh grade field trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in Lanesboro, MN. She'll be back Friday afternoon.

That leaves just the two of us, home alone with my cold. (hack, hack, atchoo)

However, last evening we managed some nice grilled t-bones and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon. YAY for grown up suppers!

I did some spinning.

This is the freshly dyed roving. The bits of yellow, have definitely turned green.

I carded up the Coopworth dyed in the left-over dye.

I ran it through the carder only twice. I want it to be very heathered.

There's nearly five ounces. But it's a very short staple, with lots of second cuts. It'll make a textured yarn, fun for something quick and non-fussy.

I really wish I could remember where I got this white Coopworth. I wouldn't buy it again. Maybe it was free?! That might account for the quality.
Dang, why can't I remember?!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surgery Knitting

My dad had back surgery in Rochester on Monday.

Yes, at the world famous Mayo.

He needed to report at 7:15 am. They finally took him to surgery at 11:45.

I waited with Mom. We had lots of nice visiting, and knitting, time.

He returned to his room at 7:00 pm. He's doing well, and we all look forward to his back feeling much better in the near future.

I finished a baby sweater.

It's one of my favorite baby patterns to knit - the Babies and Bears Sweater by Cottage Creations. It's a very quick, fun knit.

I like to use Plymouth Encore, 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool. It's a good washable yarn for babies. The pattern uses a bit more than one skein of Encore (200 yds per skein).

I still need to pick some buttons.

I started a sweater for Paul.

This will be Retrofit, from the most recent edition of Knitty.

The pattern called for knitting it in pieces. As I hate seaming sweaters, I'm knitting it in one piece, to the division for the arms.

I've also knitted the hem together, rather than sewing it up later.

The baby sweater goes into the "just in case" pile.

It will replace this little sweater going out to a work friend with a new baby girl.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My new WooLee Winder came!

After I sold my Lendrum and WooLee Winder, I immediately ordered a new WooLee Winder for my Majacraft Suzie Alpaca wheel.

It was delivered late last week. Isn't it pretty?

Spinning with a WooLee winder allows me to get into a relaxed, continous spinning mode. With the WW, I never have to move the loop carrying the yarn. I can spin and spin and spin...

I also get much more yarn on a single bobbin.

Here's a bit of finn fleece, just getting sampled.

I've been in a spinning mode...

I plied the last bit of State Fair fiber.

I'd been spindling that on our last few camping trips.

I spun and plied the final eight ounces I sun-dyed this summer.

That led to the need for more colorful fiber.

Here's twelve ounces of Colonial Wool, the last plain white wool in my stash.

I soaked it, sprinkled Gaywool dye on it, and put it in the oven in a steamer pan.

Rinsed and dried a few days later.

YAY! Color!!

As usual, I used too much dye to exhaust.

I dropped in the last few white Coopworth locks I had. Here they are drying in the sun. Yup, in autumn, leaves fall everywhere!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

We celebrated my parents fiftieth anniversary last evening with a family dinner.

We had discussed going out to dinner, but there is nowhere you can put 14 people in a
restaurant, and still be able to talk to everyone.

So we did it here. It turned out well, because everyone got a chance to visit with everyone!

My folks.

Married October 25, 1958.

Almost the entire family!

Paul took the picture, so he's not there.

Two of my brother's step-daughters weren't present.

Table viewed from the other end.

Mom and Dad serving the gorgeous cake, baked by Heidi.

My brother, Bruce, and his wife Heidi.

The oldest grandson, Nic, with his significant other Megan.

Nic is Bruce's oldest boy.

Bruce's next boy, Chris, with his S.O., Amanda.

Ben and his girlfriend Bekky.

Girl of the House and the youngest Girl of the House at Bruce's.

We had a magnificent prime rib, some shrimp, and a few assorted side dishes.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves! I know WE did!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dale of Norway Osterdalen


Ask me how I felt when I saw it lying on the floor in his room.

Better yet, ask me when he'll get it back...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Final camping this year?

We made it out of town with the camper, perhaps the last time this year.

It was MEA weekend in Minnesota. Girl of the House had no classes Thursday and Friday. Paul and I took off work on Friday so we could all fully enjoy the weekend.

We headed for Fort Ridgely State Park. We had spent a weekend there earlier this year, and thought it would be just right for fall camping.

Fort Ridgely has so many things going for it.

The campground itself is tucked into a little valley along a pretty creek.

On top of the hill, to the west, is Fort Ridgely. It was used in the 1850s, and has some great landmarks and postings describing it in detail.

There's a horse camp on the north end of the park.

Our campsite was on the water, and we could watch the horses crossing the river. It was a great weekend for riding.

Fort Ridgely also has a freshly renovated 9 hole golf course, seen here peeking out among the trees.

Someday, we'll come and golf.

Our morning coffee spot, right on the edge of the campsite. We could sit in our own comfy chairs.

Of course, it was 28 degrees when we woke on Saturday. So we were pretty bundled up...

We did some hiking.

We played lots of cards.

GotH is the RAGE champion!

We had some sweet campfires.

I even got some knitting done.

And when we came home, we had a surprise!

Ben's home for a short fall break.

When we pulled in, he was chopping wood.

And clothed very interestingly, wouldn't you say?
This is what he spent his birthday money on - a Utilikilt. He loves it!
I haven't seen him in anything but the kilt, yet.

Now, he says he needs some mom-knitted kilt hose. Guess I'll check out some patterns...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knitters look TOUGH

We're tough alright...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Carolyn's Rosebuds and Hearts Seamen's Scarf

Carolyn's Rosebuds and Hearts Seamen's Scarf from Myrna Stahman's book - Stahman's Shawls and Scarves.

58" x 9". One and five/eighths of an ounce of my own handspun alpaca.

It sat around forever, unblocked.

But now it's MINE, all MINE!!

(evil laugh..)

For those kind souls who have inquired - I'm selling my folding Lendrum, but I'm keeping my Lendrum Saxony, and the Majacraft. It's time to reduce the acquisition of stuff. Three wheels is a bit more than ridiculous...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lendrum Double Treadle and Woolee Winder for sale

I am selling my Lendrum Double Treadle Folding wheel.

Included are 4 bobbins, lazy kate, and carrying bag. $425. Estimated shipping is $40 (within the US) - if it goes more than that, I'll pay the difference. If it's less, I'll reimburse

(The bag is not padded.) The carrying bag includes a large zippered cloth bag to carry all the bobbins and extra spinning supplies.

I would like to include the Woolee Winder. I have seven bobbins for the Woolee Winder. If you take the wheel and the Woolee Winder, I will sell for $675.

From the manufacturer, New Woolee Winders (with one bobbin) are $185. Bobbins are $31 each.

If anyone would like to purchase the Woolee Winder and the 7 bobbins, it is priced at $300. I will pay shipping within the US.

Seaman's scarf blocked

Housecleaning on Saturday...

One of the perils of a full time job - the cleaning needs to take place on the weekends!

My reward - blocking out the handspun Alpaca Seaman's scarf that has been knitted for so long!

This morning, Paul and I walked in the Carleton Arboretum with the dogs.

There are still a few shots of color on the prairie.

Girl of the House stayed home relaxing, and had the TV to herself with no parental nagging. (Not many bad things on broadcast TV on Sunday mornings, are there?!)

This afternoon she has the second day of soccer tryouts, for summer '09 traveling soccer. These tryouts will determine team placement.

Yes, we're overly organized here in Northfield...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

road knitting - Sioux Falls!

We drove out to Sioux Falls, SD last weekend to surprise Paul's brother for his birthday. And we did surprise him! Excellent planning on Coleen's part...

We had beautiful weather, and a fabulous time!

Even the dogs were invited!

We all went for a walk on Saturday, and we discovered they had several geocaches right in their local park.

They entertained us, as usual, in gourmet style.

Of course driving the four hours to Sioux Falls, and four hours back, gave me lots of knitting time!

I've got most of Rogue finished.

Just the seaming up, and zipper installation to go.

Got some sock knitting in, too.

This was the easiest knitting to do, on the road in the dark. I certainly couldn't do all that cabling in the dark!

Little dog was suspicious of my photo taking.

He's very protective of my foot model, Girl of the House.

On the dark evenings this week, I did more spinning than knitting.

I spun up the two ounces of black alpaca I purchased at Shepherd's Harvest back in May.

This was full of vegetation matter (VM), and quite dirty, same as the brown I spun up earlier this summer.

Turned out quite lovely after spinning and washing, however.

I passed the underplied CVM back through the spinning wheel, and it came out much nicer.

There's been a project of some silk caps I dyed, sitting half finished on my Saxony wheel. I know I started that project in 2007.

They finally yelled loud enough to grab my attention, and I finished spinning them up.

One ounce of silk caps, 300 yards of lace weight.

The colors are difficult to photo accurately, but I'm loving the blues!

I see a silk scarf in the near future...