Saturday, October 11, 2008

road knitting - Sioux Falls!

We drove out to Sioux Falls, SD last weekend to surprise Paul's brother for his birthday. And we did surprise him! Excellent planning on Coleen's part...

We had beautiful weather, and a fabulous time!

Even the dogs were invited!

We all went for a walk on Saturday, and we discovered they had several geocaches right in their local park.

They entertained us, as usual, in gourmet style.

Of course driving the four hours to Sioux Falls, and four hours back, gave me lots of knitting time!

I've got most of Rogue finished.

Just the seaming up, and zipper installation to go.

Got some sock knitting in, too.

This was the easiest knitting to do, on the road in the dark. I certainly couldn't do all that cabling in the dark!

Little dog was suspicious of my photo taking.

He's very protective of my foot model, Girl of the House.

On the dark evenings this week, I did more spinning than knitting.

I spun up the two ounces of black alpaca I purchased at Shepherd's Harvest back in May.

This was full of vegetation matter (VM), and quite dirty, same as the brown I spun up earlier this summer.

Turned out quite lovely after spinning and washing, however.

I passed the underplied CVM back through the spinning wheel, and it came out much nicer.

There's been a project of some silk caps I dyed, sitting half finished on my Saxony wheel. I know I started that project in 2007.

They finally yelled loud enough to grab my attention, and I finished spinning them up.

One ounce of silk caps, 300 yards of lace weight.

The colors are difficult to photo accurately, but I'm loving the blues!

I see a silk scarf in the near future...

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