Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lendrum Double Treadle and Woolee Winder for sale

I am selling my Lendrum Double Treadle Folding wheel.

Included are 4 bobbins, lazy kate, and carrying bag. $425. Estimated shipping is $40 (within the US) - if it goes more than that, I'll pay the difference. If it's less, I'll reimburse

(The bag is not padded.) The carrying bag includes a large zippered cloth bag to carry all the bobbins and extra spinning supplies.

I would like to include the Woolee Winder. I have seven bobbins for the Woolee Winder. If you take the wheel and the Woolee Winder, I will sell for $675.

From the manufacturer, New Woolee Winders (with one bobbin) are $185. Bobbins are $31 each.

If anyone would like to purchase the Woolee Winder and the 7 bobbins, it is priced at $300. I will pay shipping within the US.


knitspot anne said...

hi, i'm interested in your wheel package if it is still available. i will be at rhinebeck next weekend and can pick it up if you are in that area.
anne (i emailed you from the spin_sales list also)

sdmags said...

I'm interested in your woolee winder and bobbins if Anne decides she only wants the wheel. I too e-mailed you from the spin_sales list. mags

Lisa said...

I am not interested in your stuff...My heart cries a small tear thinking of you getting rid of your wheel. If memory serves me, don't you still have another or are you just sticking with the drop spindle?


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the wheel package if it hasn't been sold. I also emailed from Spin-Sales.

Thanks! :)

Jeckabee said...

Hello, I'm sure you must have sold your wheel by now but if not, I'm interested...thanks! essicajmj (at) yahoo (dot) com

Yarn Cloud said...

If you haven't sold the woolie winder and bobbins, I would like to purchase them.


Yarn Cloud said...

Sorry just saw these were from 2008

Yarn Cloud said...

If anyone is selling a woolie winder for a Lendrum, I would be interested