Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surgery Knitting

My dad had back surgery in Rochester on Monday.

Yes, at the world famous Mayo.

He needed to report at 7:15 am. They finally took him to surgery at 11:45.

I waited with Mom. We had lots of nice visiting, and knitting, time.

He returned to his room at 7:00 pm. He's doing well, and we all look forward to his back feeling much better in the near future.

I finished a baby sweater.

It's one of my favorite baby patterns to knit - the Babies and Bears Sweater by Cottage Creations. It's a very quick, fun knit.

I like to use Plymouth Encore, 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool. It's a good washable yarn for babies. The pattern uses a bit more than one skein of Encore (200 yds per skein).

I still need to pick some buttons.

I started a sweater for Paul.

This will be Retrofit, from the most recent edition of Knitty.

The pattern called for knitting it in pieces. As I hate seaming sweaters, I'm knitting it in one piece, to the division for the arms.

I've also knitted the hem together, rather than sewing it up later.

The baby sweater goes into the "just in case" pile.

It will replace this little sweater going out to a work friend with a new baby girl.


Guinifer said...

I'm just old enough, yet not old enough - there is a distinct absence of little babies in my life. Cute sweaters. I very much like your Retrofit colors.

Lisa said...

Wishing your Dad well. What a busy knitter you have been! I'm impressed with all of the knitting you have done. It makes me feel a bit 'slow' in that department. Maybe the cold weather will increase my production?