Monday, October 20, 2008

Final camping this year?

We made it out of town with the camper, perhaps the last time this year.

It was MEA weekend in Minnesota. Girl of the House had no classes Thursday and Friday. Paul and I took off work on Friday so we could all fully enjoy the weekend.

We headed for Fort Ridgely State Park. We had spent a weekend there earlier this year, and thought it would be just right for fall camping.

Fort Ridgely has so many things going for it.

The campground itself is tucked into a little valley along a pretty creek.

On top of the hill, to the west, is Fort Ridgely. It was used in the 1850s, and has some great landmarks and postings describing it in detail.

There's a horse camp on the north end of the park.

Our campsite was on the water, and we could watch the horses crossing the river. It was a great weekend for riding.

Fort Ridgely also has a freshly renovated 9 hole golf course, seen here peeking out among the trees.

Someday, we'll come and golf.

Our morning coffee spot, right on the edge of the campsite. We could sit in our own comfy chairs.

Of course, it was 28 degrees when we woke on Saturday. So we were pretty bundled up...

We did some hiking.

We played lots of cards.

GotH is the RAGE champion!

We had some sweet campfires.

I even got some knitting done.

And when we came home, we had a surprise!

Ben's home for a short fall break.

When we pulled in, he was chopping wood.

And clothed very interestingly, wouldn't you say?
This is what he spent his birthday money on - a Utilikilt. He loves it!
I haven't seen him in anything but the kilt, yet.

Now, he says he needs some mom-knitted kilt hose. Guess I'll check out some patterns...


Guinifer said...

We had one of our last camping trips at Fort Ridgely when our boys were quite a bit younger - they loved the museum.

I think I may have to buy one of those kilts for every boy in my house....

Unknown said...

Your pictures are beautiful.