Sunday, August 30, 2009


The vacation spindled yarn came out quite nicely, once plied.

I think it will be knitted into some warm sleeping socks for Bekky. It won't make for good daily wearing, as it is not a very firm, tightly plied yarn.

But for keeping her feet warm in a tent when it's 30 degrees, they'll be toasty!

The kids went to pick up our share at the CSA farm last Wednesday.

They have a real 'thing' for green peppers. They picked some giant peppers.

Don't look that big, you say?

Well, here's two of them, next to a Colorado peach.

Gigantic, I say!

We got more delicious green peppers and tomatoes from my parents.

Today, Girl of the House and I chopped and froze 3.5 pounds of green peppers.

We're ready for any green pepper emergency that should arise!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

Well, besides hiking and reading and cooking and eating and general laying about?

I knitted Bekky's sweater.

Although, due to a few gauge problems, it has become Girl of the House's sweater. It just needs the crocheted edging to be finished. I didn't carry any crochet hooks with me on the trip.

This was my second attempt at Pioneer from Knitty.. The first attempt was frogged in early June - too small. I changed from a size five needle to a size seven. Now it's too loose.

I will not start the same sweater a third time! (But I'm looking at more yarn to make it for Bekky. Third time's the charm?)

The weather was a bit chilly in the mountain mornings, down into the 30s.

Paul was in need of some fingerless gloves to wear when we had our morning coffee. I had a loose skein of handspun with on the trip, so I whipped these up for him.

The yarn was spindled in the fall of '07. I've been carrying it in my travel basket, just waiting for the right project.

I finished spindling up some Corriedale singles.

I plan to ply them on the wheel.

I started spindling the most recent Chameleon Colorworks shipment of a lovely merino/bamboo blend in the Seaglass colorway.

And, wouldn't you know it, that damned little dog chewed up the tip of my new spindle when we left him in the camper one afternoon.

What is so tasty about my spindles?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We're back from two weeks of camping in the high country of Colorado.

Let the fall begin. We might be ready.