Sunday, August 30, 2009


The vacation spindled yarn came out quite nicely, once plied.

I think it will be knitted into some warm sleeping socks for Bekky. It won't make for good daily wearing, as it is not a very firm, tightly plied yarn.

But for keeping her feet warm in a tent when it's 30 degrees, they'll be toasty!

The kids went to pick up our share at the CSA farm last Wednesday.

They have a real 'thing' for green peppers. They picked some giant peppers.

Don't look that big, you say?

Well, here's two of them, next to a Colorado peach.

Gigantic, I say!

We got more delicious green peppers and tomatoes from my parents.

Today, Girl of the House and I chopped and froze 3.5 pounds of green peppers.

We're ready for any green pepper emergency that should arise!


Rani said...

The yarn is beautiful! What a great color blend.

You really went to town on those pepper. Yum yum.

Guinifer said...

Yum! I love crunchy green peppers on my salad