Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hood is done! I grafted the top seam. Now to pick up the edge stitches and do the ribbing. Then I'll sew on the sleeves. I'm very pleased with the way this is coming out. After washing and blocking the front/back piece prior to adding the hood, I discovered my gauge is off 1 stitch in 4". It is looser than I intended, but I like it just fine.

Finished Paul's entrelac scarf this weekend. Three full balls of Rowan Tapestry (wool and soy fibre). It's very soft and non-itchy. On the right it is preblocking. Below is the finished scarf. It ended up 6 feet long.

I finally wove in the ends and blocked out this scarf over the weekend. I finished it before Christmas, and it has been sitting in an undistinguished heap for a month, poor thing. I used the Peaks and Valleys Scarf pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer from the 2006 pattern a day calendar (Oct. 7). I had some silk/wool left over from a shawl I made. This scarf ended up six feet long, too.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A bit more progress, and some older projects

I got a bit more work done last night while we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I got called in to work for a C-section, and didn't get as much knitting done as I wanted. (happy birthday shiny new baby girl!) The right front is done to the shoulder, and I've begun the back. I'm contemplating going back to the shoulder and leaving live stitches to do a three needle bindoff to join it to the back. Wouldn't take much to just short row those last few rows. I'd rather do the three needle bindoff than sew a shoulder seam...

Here is Ben in his Pakucho Organic Cotton sweater. The pattern is "Jamesy" from Knitty. He wears it alot, and it's bearing up well.

I wanted to show a few of the Dale of Norway sweaters I've made.

First is Paul, sitting in front of the fire last week, in his Salt Lake City. I finished it in 2004. I love that he wears it on a regular basis, for everyday things. He looks good in it, and I want my hand knits to be worn! Not just for a special occasion...

Here's Ben, his girlfriend Jamie, and Claire - just before Thanksgiving dinner. I finished his Nagano in 2005 - he requested it, because it had dragons on it, and because it was primarily black. (He's wearing more color, now!) Claire's got on her Wonderful Wallaby made from Encore for excellent wearability for an 11 year old. (it's already got two years of wear on it).

Here's Claire in her Sirdal. I finished this in 2005, and luckily it still fits her. She's a real heat pump of a child, however, and rarely wears this sweater. It does make a good light coat on the occasions she dresses up.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A few more pictures of WIP

I've been trying most of this morning to upload some WIP pictures for a sidebar, but no luck. It actually worked to put them in this post - Yay!

Top - Mike's Easy Fit Pullover in Pakucho organic cotton. I've used this yarn before in a sweater for my college age son, and it has held up well. Paul liked the cotton yarn in Ben's sweater, so now he'll have a nice cotton sweater too!

Lower - Central Park Hoodie in Tahki Donegal tweed. I really like the color.
I'm knitting the body in one piece, rather than two fronts and the back. I really dislike sewing pieces together - anything I can do to save a little assembly!

I like to do the sleeves first - they're my version of a swatch. If my gauge is off, it doesn't hurt too much to rip out the beginning of a sleeve. If I'm on gauge, then I'm well on my way!


Aha! The one day a week I have off! Try something NEW!

I'm currently working on the Central Park Hoodie (for me) and Mike's Easy Fit Pullover by Joan McGowan-Michael from an older IK (for my hubby). I do one ball of yarn on each sweater, then switch to the other sweater. That way I'll get them both done at approximately the same time - don't get bored either!

My carry around project (which is usually socks) is an entrelac scarf made of Rowan tapestry. Very satisfying color changes, and everyone at work thinks I'm a wizard. "How do you DO that?" Paul will get the scarf to go with his leather jacket. He looks great in blue. (the scarf, not the jacket)

I've got a coopworth lamb fleece I've been slowly spinning up. I've divided it into three tones of gray and plan to make a modular blanket for the camper.