Thursday, January 11, 2007


Aha! The one day a week I have off! Try something NEW!

I'm currently working on the Central Park Hoodie (for me) and Mike's Easy Fit Pullover by Joan McGowan-Michael from an older IK (for my hubby). I do one ball of yarn on each sweater, then switch to the other sweater. That way I'll get them both done at approximately the same time - don't get bored either!

My carry around project (which is usually socks) is an entrelac scarf made of Rowan tapestry. Very satisfying color changes, and everyone at work thinks I'm a wizard. "How do you DO that?" Paul will get the scarf to go with his leather jacket. He looks great in blue. (the scarf, not the jacket)

I've got a coopworth lamb fleece I've been slowly spinning up. I've divided it into three tones of gray and plan to make a modular blanket for the camper.

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