Thursday, January 11, 2007

A few more pictures of WIP

I've been trying most of this morning to upload some WIP pictures for a sidebar, but no luck. It actually worked to put them in this post - Yay!

Top - Mike's Easy Fit Pullover in Pakucho organic cotton. I've used this yarn before in a sweater for my college age son, and it has held up well. Paul liked the cotton yarn in Ben's sweater, so now he'll have a nice cotton sweater too!

Lower - Central Park Hoodie in Tahki Donegal tweed. I really like the color.
I'm knitting the body in one piece, rather than two fronts and the back. I really dislike sewing pieces together - anything I can do to save a little assembly!

I like to do the sleeves first - they're my version of a swatch. If my gauge is off, it doesn't hurt too much to rip out the beginning of a sleeve. If I'm on gauge, then I'm well on my way!

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