Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

We celebrated my parents fiftieth anniversary last evening with a family dinner.

We had discussed going out to dinner, but there is nowhere you can put 14 people in a
restaurant, and still be able to talk to everyone.

So we did it here. It turned out well, because everyone got a chance to visit with everyone!

My folks.

Married October 25, 1958.

Almost the entire family!

Paul took the picture, so he's not there.

Two of my brother's step-daughters weren't present.

Table viewed from the other end.

Mom and Dad serving the gorgeous cake, baked by Heidi.

My brother, Bruce, and his wife Heidi.

The oldest grandson, Nic, with his significant other Megan.

Nic is Bruce's oldest boy.

Bruce's next boy, Chris, with his S.O., Amanda.

Ben and his girlfriend Bekky.

Girl of the House and the youngest Girl of the House at Bruce's.

We had a magnificent prime rib, some shrimp, and a few assorted side dishes.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves! I know WE did!


Lorraine said...

I see your son got his sweater back! LOL. Great looking family, btw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonyia,
Thank you for the great pictures! This is your cousin D Ann Marlow. Aunt Bonnie told me about your blog, and I was happy to see pictures of the family! Your skill at spinning and knitting is incredible! I have just started spinning, and you have given me something to strive for!