Thursday, January 31, 2008

Auditory or visual?

I have always thought that I was an auditory person - hearing as my preferred sense.

Relaxing in the evenings, I sit and knit, listening to music or to what is on the television, looking up occasionally. However, perhaps I was mistaken.

Since we bought the new tv, I have been sitting, astounded, looking at the screen. OMG, I had no idea all the things I was missing! So, I've been knitting on socks. I can do that without watching the knitting.

Now that I've become accustomed to that great big screen, I can go back to a more challenging project. I picked Osterdalen out of the basket and resumed knitting.

Just a few more rows and the sleeve will be finished.

Ben had a look at it when he was home. He pronounced it exactly what he wanted.

We did a bit of consulting on size while he was home. I was knitting a medium, but he would prefer a closer fit.

So, he'll have medium sleeves and a small body. No problem - just cut the sleeve steeks to fit the slightly larger sleeves!

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