Tuesday, January 8, 2008

knit on button band with facing for steek

I've committed myself to finishing this darn little baby sweater.

I had the right front button band knitted on, but I wanted something a bit tighter. So, I ripped it out. I'm letting that side rest, and beginning again on the left front.

You can see I picked up stitches along the steek. The right side I picked up 3 out of 5 stitches. This side I picked up 1 of 2, to make it a bit tighter.

The pattern had left 9 stitches at the base of the button band to pick up and complete the band. The pattern called for measuring the length of the steek, and knitting the button band to that length, then sewing it to the sweater.

I've been knitting the button band on as I go.

I knit the first 8 stitches in ribbing, then purl the last stitch together with one of my picked up stitches.

I added three stitches after this, for the facing. I need the facing to cover the steek. These three stitches are stockinette.

I'll tack the facing down later.

I turn, purl the first three stitches, then do ribbing for the remainder of the row.

I only attach the picked up stitches on the edge on a right side row.

I've knitted on edgings before, but never with the facing attached in this manner. I must have seen it somewhere, but can't remember any sources. How about you? Have you seen this before? Help me out - got the source?

I like it. It's working well, and it beats the heck out of sewing the whole button band on!

After Paul came home this evening, we had a visitor at the bird feeder. This little doe came right up to the house.

It's Paul's birthday. We had shrimp scampi for supper, and we'll have our traditional Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert later (after the Girl of the House goes to bed!)

Here's GotH with HER traditional birthday Ben & Jerry's, while we were at Snowbasin.

(Easier than a cake when you're away from home, which we usually are, skiing.)


Lorraine said...

What a clever button band/facing trick. Wish I knew the source but I will be keeping this one bookmarked for future use.

Ellen said...

I'm am just starting this sweater and have some questions about how start the steek portion - I'm knitting a boy version so my first buttonhole is on the left. I'd love an email from you about it.

I've never had a problem knitting one of the Cottage Creations patterns before, oh well.