Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dye Day

It was a lovely, sunny, freezing cold day again today.

Paul dropped my truck off at the auto glass place. My windshield cracked sometime in the past month, so I get a new one - YAY! Rather than take his big ol' one-ton, crew cab, dually truck around town, I hung out at home for my day off.

I've been thinking about spinning up some superwash wool that's been marinating in my stash. It'd make a good baby sweater. It would make a better baby sweater if it were colorful! And so, inspiration was born...

I dug out all the dyeing stuff.

I got this cool multilevel roaster at a garage sale. It works well for steaming dye stuffs in the oven. It has several racks to elevate the wool over the water for steaming.

Soaked the wool, sprinkled it with GayWool dye in five colors, and into the oven it went.

Chip was uninterested.

While the wool was steaming, I managed a bit of knitting on Osterdalen. You can see the bottom of the men's feet on the sleeve. It's starting to look like a real sweater.

The wool was rinsed, and is drying on the bathtub rack.

Does anyone use their jacuzzi tub regularly after the first six months? Ours makes a great drying rack...

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