Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold morning

-14 when we woke this morning!

A good day to stay in and do projects.

Paul's working on installing our new dishwasher. Yes, we are finally replacing the dishwasher that died in October. (Yay for handy husbands!)

Contrary to the belief held in our household that there is never first class mail on Saturday - only junk mail - my yarn came!

I can begin Ben's Osterdalen sweater!

And what a perfect day to start a new project. Don't you love being cozy in your warm house when it's subzero?

As long as I was ordering the Osterdalen pattern, I got a few more for the future. Love these Dale of Norway patterns!

We're going to get out and try the new snowshoes. Maybe a geocache, too. Then, I foresee a fire, t-bone steaks and wine for supper, and snuggling up under the new afghan.

The Girl of the House is gone for the weekend, after all...


Lorraine said...

Wow - those look so challenging. I'm not too handy with color work so I'll be watching with earnest interest your progress.

coleen~ said...

Hey there. Was curious if you want some old jeans & shirts of H's for your box bags? Most are in good shape.
Glad you have a dishwasher now.
have a great Sunday.