Sunday, January 6, 2008

Look what happens when you puppysit

When Harlan and Coleen came to pick up Khaki, look what they brought! Lovely flowers for the Girl of the House, the recent recipient of a nifty flower press. (A gift from H&C for her 12th birthday.)

Coleen also brought lots of pictures from our recent Snowbird trip.

I had requested pictures of the felted clogs I knitted them for Christmas. Luckily, our condo had a washing machine, so I was able to felt them to size while we were on our trip! I made Steelers clogs for Coleen, and Wild clogs for Harlan. (Does she take artistic pictures, or what!!)

The Cobblestone pullover got blocked this weekend.

Here, it's just hanging out doing the last bit of drying.

Baby scandinavian sweater received one button band. I'm contemplating tearing it out and making it a bit tighter/shorter. I did end up improvising the knitting of the band. I picked up along the edge and knitted the band to it. At the same time, I knit 3 stitches behind where I attached it, to cover the steek. It was a bit of futzing, but not too bad.

I'll take some photos of the left side as I knit it. I like it - it minimizes sewing, and that's ALWAYS good!

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Lorraine said...

Those are some fabulous FO's! I love the Wild slippers, especially. I've worn through the sole of my felted slippers. Maybe I should treat myself to some Wild ones next. Hmmm!