Sunday, January 20, 2008

Osterdalen is cast on

I did get Osterdalen cast on last evening. I finished the cuff, and am onto the vast expanse of black stockinette sleeve.

I used a provisional cast on for the hem, then turned it up and knitted it together with the appropriate row. Aha! No sewing up the hem later! Yay!

Paul finished putting the dishwasher in. He had supervisory help. George felt it was necessary to warm his rear end for him as he worked.

Chip felt it was necessary to entertain the cat. Eventually, everyone was shooed away, and the work was completed.

We made it outside to try the snowshoes. It reached a high of -2, so we zipped out for a quick one. The dogs were happy to be outside for more than just a bathroom break.

Blurry picture, but I propped the camera on the fencepost. Bare hands were required to set the timer, and I didn't spend much time getting the focus just right.

At last, after three months - meet our new dishwasher.

Yes, we're easily entertained...


Jenni said...

Ooh, Osterdalen is looking pretty, and YEA! for new dishwashers. I have a nice dishwasher (his name is Mark).

And I love the cat picture. That looks like something that would happen in our apartment. The Smudge will sit on anything that stays still for 2 seconds, and then she's VERY hard to shoo away!

Lorraine said...

Wow - that sweater looks fabulous. Do you have trouble knitting black yarn at night? It's become a bugaboo for me.

LOL - Koda would probably do the same to me - only it would be Harley bugging Koda if she parked on my legs.

I have always wanted to get a pair of snowshoes. It looks like such fun!