Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wow, I won!

Wow! I actually won a prize on a blog!

My friend, Jenni, that I met at SOAR this fall, had a drawing for a beautiful batt that she received at SOAR. And I WON! (Never happens to me!)

This is Jenni, helping a classmate learn to Andean ply.

And here she is, wearing the gorgeous ring shawl she spun, designed, and knit. Look! it's actually doubled over on her shoulders and it's see-through and gossamer-like. She does positively the finest gauge spinning I have ever seen. This shawl is a two-ply yarn, believe it or not!

She's writing a knitting book - even has a contract to publish! Yay, Jenni!

Check out her blog at Patchwork Butterfly.

Thanks Jenni!

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