Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cobblestone Pullover

The Rambling Rows continues. I'm on square 5 of 55. Still happy with my handspun!

When we were on our trip out West this summer, I brought my fall IK. Paul saw the Cobblestone pullover and thought he would like it. It took us awhile to decide on colors and yarns.

I perused Ravelry, and checked out all the Cobblestone sweaters. We eventually picked Harrisville Highland in Bluegrass.

The yarn came this past Monday, on a cone, ready for weaving. Well, I'm not weaving it, right?! So I skeined up one cone, and washed it. Fresh off the cone, it was 12 wraps per inch. After a warm sudsy bath and some drying, it is now 9 wraps per inch. It really bloomed into a nice worsted weight.

I'll cast on November 1. Sounds like a good day to start, eh? Ah, anticipation...

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Anonymous said...

This is the perfect husband sweater isn't it. I just may have to jump on that bandwagon.