Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More swag I forgot!

This weekend I came across one more thing I purchased at SOAR.

A gorgeous little sampling niddy-noddy from Woodchuck Products. It immediately went into my spindle bag.

It collapses flat for easy storage.

Friday night we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth (yah, from 1959, for
sure!) for our Friday night family movie. Even an eleven year old can pick out all
the inconsistencies, but we suspended reality and just enjoyed it.

During the movie, I plied up the Karaoke fiber I had started at the SOAR Spin-in. About 44 yards per ounce, Navajo plied to maintain the color changes. A nice worsted weight, I think. What I'll do with it? I'm not so much into knitting at the moment, but it felt good to spin this up!

Sunday we took a walk through our pasture, just checking things out. Chip liked jumping through the wet grass. He says "Being off-leash is GREAT!"

We took a walk through the arb, then dropped the Girl of the House at her cousins for an afternoon of preteen communing. While she was there, we did three geocaches before it started spitting rain.

We picked her up, returned home, started a fire in the fireplace and settled in with a bottle of wine for the evening.

It was a weekend almost as good as camping...

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