Thursday, October 4, 2007

Boxelder bug invasion

The warm weather (80 degrees right now!) has driven the boxelder bugs into a frenzy. They hang around any entry into the house.

Paul sprayed around the front door, but here's the sliding door to our deck.


It's a really lovely day, though. A treat after all the recent rain.

The Girl of the House is taking puppy classes with Chip. He was six months old yesterday. He's doing pretty well, short of a few episodes of what the trainer calls "puppy dumb". That's when he becomes a teenager and doesn't even hear when you call, much less do anything on command!

My mother was here visiting for a few days, so I didn't get too much knitting done. But the Scandinavian Cardigan continues. I'm going to try to steek it. I've never steeked an acrylic/wool mix before, only wool. With enough machine sewing, I think it will work.

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Lorraine said...

This weather has been bipolar! The box elders around here are insanely annoying. Got girls shrieking at all hours of the night when one gets in their rooms.

LOVE the socks, BTW. They turned out fabulous.