Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Even in the rain, Lake Superior rocks look good

We went up to Temperance River State Park this past weekend.

We made a reservation three months ago, so we could get this campsite. Yes, fully THREE months ago! In Minnesota, the most popular campsites are snapped up early in the morning on the very first day they are available (90 days in advance)

Here is the view from the front of our campsite at sunrise.

Here's the view out the door of our camper.

We came in after dark, driving north-east as the just-past full moon rose over the great lake. I tried some pictures after we arrived, but didn't bring my tripod, so they are not worth showing here...

We woke early Saturday morning and saw the sunrise. Here was our morning coffee spot.

psst - Notice Paul's warm feet in hand-knit socks?

It rained off and on all weekend. We ran outdoors and walked the shoreline everytime the rain stopped.

Rocks were skipped.

Cliffs were climbed.

Even in the rain, Lake Superior rocks look good.

We played lots of cribbage and Five Crowns. Naps were taken, knitting and reading were done. It was very relaxing.

It's a fairly long drive. In fact, we spent close to 5 1/2 hours each way. On the way up, we stopped to do a geocache, and ate supper at a wayside rest. This lets the dogs be out for a nice little break, to. On the way home we stopped for two geocaches, a snack, and some dog walking time. The craziest part was when we were five miles north of Two Harbors and traffic slowed to a crawl. It took us 29 minutes to go the five miles, and as best we could tell, it was just for traffic to go through the stoplights in town!!

I knitted a bit more on the seaman's scarf.

I finished the most recent socks.

I started a baby-sized Scandinavian Cardigan by Cottage Creations with some leftover Plymouth Encore. Yup, I'm all the way to the sleeves. (Doesn't take long in a size 2, eh?)

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