Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dishwasher blues

While at SOAR, I was able to do some work on the baby Scandinavian cardigan. It was kinda interesting - during evening lectures and downtime at meals, everyone whips out their knitting or spindling. I pull out my bright blue acrylic/wool baby sweater. Definitely odd man out with all the beautiful natural, mostly handspun fibers that everyone else was working with. But I wanted to get as much of this done as I could!

I got to the steeking part by Tuesday evening lecture. Last evening, a full ten days later, it finally got to meet the sewing machine!

Before sewing.

After the sewing/cutting phase.

Now to determine just how to attach the button band. The pattern calls for knitting the band separately, and attaching. I'm considering knitting it on. I just need to figure out how I want to do the facing to cover the cut stitches, without adding too much bulk.

In other news - our dishwasher finally gave up the ghost. I put some consideration into not replacing it. I rather enjoy standing at the sink, conversing with the Girl of the House, while we wash the dishes. Paul cleans up the leftovers. While this works on evenings we don't have to dash out after dinner, there are several nights a week we leave the house immediately post-dinner. I would DREAD coming home to a sink full of dishes later in the evening.

So, we are looking to replace it. My question to you is, white or stainless front? The existing white appliances (hopefully) won't require replacing for quite a while. Do we get stainless to meet the trends? Is it a long-lasting trend or will basic white always work? Will it look weird to mix and match? Please, give me your opinion!

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coleen~ said...

I like the stainless and it will work with anything that you decide in the future. Black is also a good standby as that really is almost better than stainless. But if you decided on stainless get the TRUE stainless, not that fingerproofy kind. That can rust if scratched. As you will stay there until you are put in the home, decide what you want to work white or stainless. your call. But DEFINEATELY get stainless interior on your dishwasher...quieter and just all around better.....
luv ya lots