Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It came! It came!!

My prize from Jenni's blog contest (Patchwork Butterfly - go visit her) came in the mail today! A fat little envelope full of more than four ounces of the beautiful batt she obtained at SOAR! OOOOOOH!!!

Look at this!

It's so soft, shiny, and gorgeous. Thank you, generous Jenni!

(Spindle for size perspective)

My day off today - managed a run in the Arb. 57 degrees on the 13th of November! Imagine running in short sleeves in November?! However, it was dark and grey and the wind was blowing 20 miles an hour, so it all balances out, doesn't it? I'm averaging 3.3 miles/day this month. We'll see if I can keep it up?!

I got some sewing done this morning. I found a great tutorial for box bags on the net, and thought I'd try it.

I have lots of fat quarters left over from the quilting phase I went through a few years ago, so I sampled a couple of bags. One tall, skinny bag and one short, fat bag. I like them both. They'll be great for carry around projects.

I recently threw away my favorite denim spindle bag (and the fiber, and the spindle) in a fit of temper. (I'll tell you about my bad behavior another time.) So, I whipped up another as long I was in the sewing mood. I really like the lining, but it's difficult to show in a photo.

Well, I need to go pick up basketball girl. I'm outta here...


Jenni said...

You're very welcome, Tonyia! I hope you have lots of fun spinning it!

Lorraine said...

SWEEEET bags! Now I gotta go find that tutorial! Got a link?