Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday fun

Woke early, surfed the internets for awhile. When you have to be at work at 6 a.m., it's harder to sleep in on the weekends!

Out for another 7.3 mile run in the arb with the big dog while Paul tinkered on the jeep.

Then we headed up to Home Depot to look at new flooring. We're debating - hardwood vs. laminate. We found a laminate that we're pretty sure we can install ourselves, saving a ton of installation costs. I don't even think we'll kill each other!
We brought home a few samples to consider.

We also fell in love with some SileStone countertop. (Let's see, would we be copying Coleen and Harlan TOO much? At least they have FABULOUS taste!)

I got quite a bit knitted on the Cobblestone for Paul sleeve on the trip to the Depot. It's good passenger knitting - around and around and around...

Once we got home, we had a look at a place we wanted to place a geocache. Then we jumped in the jeep and went for two geocaches just before sunset.

This is Heath Creek, on the St. Olaf campus wilderness area. Another area I'd never have gone into, except for geocaching!

We came back, just after sunset, settled in and started our Sunday night tradition. Start a fire; Cities97 acoustic sunset on the stereo; and popcorn, apples, cheese and wine for a grazing supper.


Guinifer said...

I really like that dinner tradition. Not sure how it would go with all the boys in my house tho'.

Lorraine said...

The sweater sleeve looks great so far. Did it take long to do that much? Just curious, since you have been making such great progress on the blanket as well.

coleen~ said...

copying is the best form or flattery! Your kitchen would be fabulous with silestone! Which one were you looking at? To save some, you could do whichever area you work the most it the island or the counter. You guys would love it lots and lots!

take care and love how the blankie is turning out.

Anonymous said...

Love the Sunday night tradition! Sounds so relaxing.