Saturday, November 3, 2007

On Call Weekend

I'm on call this weekend. That makes it a good day to do some knitting and spinning. I have to be within 20 minutes response time to the hospital, so I don't go very far.

I've got 8 blocks done on the Rambling Rows afghan. It's going to be a pretty snuggly afghan, with some heft to it. Perfect for the camper! I also think it will be good to work on this fall/winter - it'll keep my lap quite warm while I work on it.

At the rate the afghan is going, I need to get some more of the darkest fleece spun up. Maybe today?

I cast on for Paul's Cobblestone pullover on Thursday. I've got about 5 inches done on my swatch/sleeve. I don't really like to swatch, so I always start with a sleeve. I can block it, and if I don't like it, I can rip it back without too much discomfort.

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Lorraine said...

I'm lovin' both your new projects. I wish my DH was a sweater wearing guy, so I could knit him the same sweater. I loved it, too.