Monday, November 5, 2007

A Productive Call Weekend

Hey! I was on call all weekend and I didn't have to go in, not once! Hurray!

So, I was pretty productive with my projects.

I got 6 more blocks done on the Rambling Rows afghan.

I finished the swatch/sleeve for Paul's Cobblestone Sweater. Got it blocked, and it's going to be "just right"!

I spun up the last of the coopworth. One whole fleece carded and spun up, all on my own. Yippee!

Paul worked on Saturday, so the Girl of the House and I sat in the sunshine, crafting. She wanted to learn to cross-stitch, so we worked on that. She cross-stitched for a bit, then ran outside and shot a few baskets. She got a new basketball hoop this week, as she is playing sixth grade basketball. Then she'd come back in and stitch a bit more.

My talented sister-in-law has a new website up to show off her photography. She makes the most beautiful cards from her photos, and they are very reasonably priced for such art! Go have a look! Little C Creations.

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