Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exhausted - today I whine (wine)...

We're undergoing construction at work. There has been work on our ORs for several months.

Last week, we had to close an OR. To maintain availability for all the surgeons, we have extended our hours. Now we work 10 hours a day, instead of 8. Drive to work in the dark, drive home in the dark. I KNOW lots of people work 10 hours a day, but we're all OLD nurses. (whimper)

I started wearing my old pedometer while at work. Today I walked 7.5 miles.

Be to work at 6 am, done by 4:30, go to school to get the girl,
hit the grocery store for the last of the Thanksgiving items, make supper, and crash. Thank dog the girl doesn't have anywhere she has to go tonight. No energy for exercise (no outdoor LIGHT for exercise - being outdoors is SO much better).

Ah, alcohol makes it better, doesn't it? Shall we have beer or wine tonight, dear?

Last night we were asleep by 9:30. Yup, Paul, too. What a great husband - he crashes when I do.

One of our rules for a great marriage. Get up with your spouse, go to bed with your spouse.

Yeah, except for our jobs, we're happy as clams...

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