Monday, November 26, 2007

Process vs product

My men spent the past four mornings out in the cold on our little acreage. Out before sunrise, ooohing over the setting full moon. Hoping for a deer.

We see deer on a regular basis out here. Frequently, our bird feeders are tipped, all the seed on the ground, from the deer trying to help themselves to a snack.

My men came in to warm themselves with coffee and cocoa, around 9:30 each day. No luck, they said. But it was a gorgeous morning to sit and be outside.

I think that's what the hunting is really all about, in their minds. And that is why I love them. The process, not the product.

Much like fiber work in my life...

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Guinifer said...

Heh - the last ten years of my dad's life (he was an avid hunter all of my childhood), he took up bow hunting for deer. I am firmly convinced it was so he would have an excuse NOT to shoot. He really just wanted to be out in the woods.