Monday, November 10, 2008

A Return

Thanks to everyone for your comments. After a hectic week, my folks are both at on the mend at home. They're getting better everyday!

We've resumed our regular weekend routine.

After chores were done, we did some geocaching. We did some quick geocaching. It was cold, in the twenties, with lots of snow flurries.

But we came across some fun caches. This one was guarded by a gigantic spider!

Paul's Retrofit sweater is growing.

The body is done, and a sleeve begun.

I even got some spinning time in!

And a super cozy fire on Sunday night to put an end to the weekend.


Guinifer said...

Love Paul's sweater (and the fire too!)

Lorraine said...

So glad the folks are doing so much better. I'm in awe of the sweater production going on at your place. Beautiful.