Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got the blues

I let the roving and fleece cool in the crockpot overnight, and pulled it out Monday evening. It's hanging to dry on the rack in the (rarely used) bathtub.

Because I dyed the roving in a ball, you can see that the dye penetrated unevenly. I'm happy with that effect, it'll make for interesting spinning.

I reswatched the yarn for Paul's Retrofit sweater. I went down two sizes - to a 6.

So, from 70% complete to about 5%. Yikes. I'll have to update my sidebar...

For my friend, Nutty Knitter, I'll have to do posts on crockpot dyeing and navajo plying. Give me a little time...


Guinifer said...

The Rogue is looking great! I'll be looking for the crockpot dying instructions as well.

Lisa said...

I am bowing at my laptop in thanks.

Send me some pictures and I can help with the sweater issues you are having with girl of the house.

I can't wait to dye my roving!