Friday, November 21, 2008

Resistance is Futile

After years of avoiding it, I've succumbed to

A bout of insomnia last weekend led to extended internet surfing. I saw beautiful fibers being spun by many. I saw that many of these fibers came from Etsy.

So I jumped on the bandwagon. And now I'm the proud possessor of this fluffy BFL roving in the 'coffee and blueberry bagel' colorway from Inspiration Fibers.

Can't wait to give it a spin!

I spent more sleepless time on Ravelry.

This Kauni cardigan grabbed my eye. There are multiple pictures/posts about this sweater on Ravelry. If you are a member, you can see them here.

There is a free pattern available on Ravelry, or here at Ruth Sorenson's site.

It's knitted with two balls of the self striping Kauni Effekts yarn. The color changes do all the work. No weaving in ends from multiple colors of yarn!

After pondering colorways during the daylight hours I ended up with these two: Rainbow, and blue/purple. Thanks to good service from Webs, the yarn is now in hand.

I don't think I'll get to the knitting til after the holidays, however.


Guinifer said...

Love Etsy, LOVE that sweater and am very curious about the Kauni. How many skeins of each did you have to buy?

Lisa said...

Oooooh! Loving the sweater. I myself have toyed with the idea of making it. I will need to finish MANY project before I can begin thinking of what yarn to use. Can't wait to see how it goes for you.

Also can't wait to see how the Etsy fiber spins up. Very exciting.