Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obsession revealed

I took today off. I'll work Friday, while the rest of my office is out shopping with the hordes. I'll get lots of work done in the quiet office.

Ben and his GF Bekky are here for Thanksgiving, so we're hanging out. (OK, actually, they're still sleeping!) Girl of the House, who hasn't reached the age of sleeping in, is hanging out with me.

It's a treat being home, during the week, when the sun is shining! I can take pictures in the sunshine!

As I look around, I realize to what extent I have taken over the house with this fiber obsession. I see that my family is extraordinarily tolerant.

Family room:

Lendrum saxony wheel, basket of handspun, and baby sweater still in need of buttons.

Bookcase with fiber tools, magazines, a fleece. Surrounded by more baskets of yarn.


Crockpot dyepot and salad spinner left out from last dyeing.

Dreaded swatches left out after the Retrofit gauge fiasco.

Dining room:

Stuff stacked that should actually be returned to my workroom in the basement. (Where the official stash/equipment lives)

Spindles displayed with the bowls.

Spinning fibers and yarns in yet another corner.

Living room:

Rogue waiting to be sewn together.
Baby surprise sweater waiting for buttons.

The Suzie wheel and more fiber.

More knitting, and yarns awaiting a project.

Bobbin of BFL awaiting navajo plying.

Next to my big comfy chair, dishcloth knitting in a brown paper bag - how elegant.

When Paul comes home from work, we grab a drink and head into the bedroom. He changes out of his work clothes, we catch up on our day and I mindlessly knit.

Then we're ready to begin our evening.

On my dresser, a stack of handknit socks that need repairs. The stack continues to grow.

Why can't I just throw them away?


Handknit socks drying on the rack in the bathtub.

Two skeins of handspun that hung to dry in the bathroom after finishing.

Sometimes they live there for weeks...


Anonymous said...

Your home looks like mine, but my husband doesn't mind as long as I keep those handknit socks coming! I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
D Ann Marlowe, the cal. cousin

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Toniya.

Off topic, you've been tagged.

V said...

Love your blog! Although I must admit I've been following it obsessively looking for posts with your Alpaca wheel. I've purchased the same Alpaca wheel with green whorl (as you know they now ship with black wheels). I feel like there are so few of us with the green Alpaca wheels - we need to form a club or something :)