Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carding fun

I took the finn fleece from the recent dyepot, found some angora that had been dyed during the summer, and mixed 'em up.

The finn (only 45 grams) became darker in the dyepot. The sun bleached tips dyed blue, but beyond that, it was had to tell there was any added color.

I measured out 15 grams of angora. By the time I was done carding, I'd only used 10 grams. That seemed to be plenty.

I've got two pretty little batts. Roughly 50 grams total, after the neppy waste has been discarded.

Now, how to spin it?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hmmmmm, well, if it's super soft, spin a nice bulky. You could make one of the snazzy neck warmers on Ravelry and use a chunky old button to hold it in place (toggle for the male version).

Too little for mittens? The color is so lovely, if it were me, I wouldn't want it on my head as I wouldn't be able to stare at it!

If I only had a snazzy drum carded... I took out my hand carders this weekend and there was a BUG in them! I want to gag. How do you even clean that kid of stuff?