Saturday, November 22, 2008

Election 2014?

Is it too early to start the senate campaign for 2014?

This is the wrapper for our newspaper this morning.

You may or may not be aware that there is a embittered recount going on in Minnesota for the US Senate seat. The candidates - Norm Coleman and Al Franken. Today's paper states that of the 2.9 million votes cast, Coleman has a lead of 120 votes. The ongoing recount continues to change those margins, up and down.

So, is this wrapper an attempt to influence the next election?

Or, is it merely a frugal newspaper delivery guy using up old wrappers?

Little dog became excited with the picture taking.

"Take my picture, take my picture!

He's dug himself into big trouble.

He's taken a liking to Girl of the House's Snowball kitty. Snowball has been a close personal friend for more than nine years.

He fishes it out from under her pillow, under her covers, or wherever she hides it, and it's on the floor in another room when everyone gets home.

Before yesterday, it was rather cute. Snowball was never harmed.

But last evening when we came home, Snowball was blind and noseless. Poor tortured little thing.

Tears ensued.

Yes, the little dog is in big trouble...


Guinifer said...

What a naughty boy!

Lisa said...

No Snowball, no, no!

Ellen said...

I had a "Nude Bear" from my childhood (nude because I'd picked off all the fur) that the Dog got ahold of once. Real bummer because I'd had him all the way into marriage and children. I think it was the shiny snap button eyes that finally caused the Dog to snap . . .