Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The things you see...

A few days ago, I finished plying the superwash merino. Personally, I think it looked much nicer on the bobbin as a single. The colors got all smooshy in this two ply. It would have looked better if I had navajo plyed - the colors would have been more consistent.

Still, it's a pretty yarn. Don't know if it will be the originally planned baby sweater, or maybe a couple of nifty hats. I'll have to keep an eye on it, see what it tells me.

Late this afternoon, Paul and I went into the arb and placed two geocaches. We won't publish them until there is new snow to cover our tracks. (Not much of a challenge to find a cache when there are tracks leading directly to it!)

We saw some interesting things.

Out in the middle of nowhere, way off the path, someone has put up a tree swing!

In a quiet little spot along a little used trail, someone made a skiing snow angel.

I love that you can see it was a skier - he held his poles while making the angel.

As the sun was setting, we had this view to the southeast.

Carleton College has a big wind turbine, just peeking over the snowy field.

Looking to the southwest, we caught the tail end of the sunset.

We came home to a bubbling pot of vegetable beef soup. We opened a couple of beers, made some dumplings, and warmed ourselves up.


Rani said...

What a nice day! The soup and beer sound heavenly!

(I went to Olaf pre-wind turbines) Lovely area!!!

Clockwerk said...

You Made Dumplings without me!!!
sad day.