Thursday, February 14, 2008

How much SALT do we possess?

I went to make some lentil soup for supper last night. Going through the cupboard, a sudden question arose. "Holy cow, how much salt DO we have?"

I pulled it all out to have a look.

Yes, we have six kinds of salt in our cupboard! And that doesn't include the salt grinder on the table.

Rock salt for the grinder, kosher salt for cooking, the old classic Morton's salt (dated as opened in 2004 - does salt go bad?), iodized sea salt, canning and pickling salt, and finally the salt grinder brought in from the camper for the winter. Yikes!

So we had some yummy lentil soup with smoked sausage for supper and waited for the big snowstorm they promised was coming.

And waited, and waited... The big snow storm went to the North and South of us. We got about a half inch.

See, I TOLD you there wasn't going to be any more snow for us!

The Baby Surprise Jacket grew a bit more.

I guess I'm postponing casting on for the body of Osterdalen.


Anonymous said...

Salt doesn't go bad and should stay free flowing as long as it is kept closed. Also good idea to not store near the stove due to moisture from cooking.

coleen~ said...

I love the composition of the salt picture! Knowing that you have to PULL all of it out of the cupboard and then arrange it and THEN put it all back away....
I appreciate the effort!

coleen~ said...

Oh, i forgot to mention that we have our own personal salt monger.... he would be very proud of ya'll....