Thursday, February 28, 2008

My last day in the OR

When I arrived at work this morning, there was quite the spread in the lounge. TREATS!!

All in my honor. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

It was a busy, typical day, but everyone was so kind to me. Lots of laughs and hugs. I'll miss them like crazy!

I've spent the last eight years with these people. We have very little employee turnover, and that's very uncommon in our industry. It's because we are family...

This is just a few of us. There were people still doing patient care that we couldn't get in the photo.

This has been the best place EVER to work. I hope I won't regret my decision to change positions.


coleen~ said...

When do you start? Monday? I think that you will like the new challenges and I know that you'll be great at it! I'm glad that you were treated to treats and hugs on your last day.
You go girl!

coleen~ said...
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