Saturday, February 16, 2008

100th Geocache

We had company in the front yard and driveway this morning. There were a total of five of these beauties.

Girl of the House had her summer soccer tryouts at Shattuck/St. Marys school today. While she was there, Paul and I grabbed a few caches in Faribault.

When she was finished, we hit Dairy Queen for a fun treat. Then we headed back to the Cannon River Wilderness Park for our 100th cache. It was only right that she should be with us for our milestone find.

We started geocaching on Mother's day 2007. One hundred caches in nine months makes us happy!

I went shopping with my own personal shopper (a co-worker of taste with an honest voice) last evening. I now have at least one week of clothing to wear for my new job. And a nice solid base to grow on.

So, there wasn't much knitting. But the Baby Surprise Jacket did grow a bit on Thursday evening. Let's see how much we like the yellow stripe, eh?

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go_man said...

Congrats on your 100th find! Here's to more!

All the best,
Geocaching Online