Sunday, February 24, 2008

cool geocaching on a sunny WARM day

Saturday, while the Girl of the House was on her choir trip, Paul and I did 11 geocaches. A new one day record for us! We geocached our way from Owatonna to Burnsville while running a variety of errands.

We ended with a very cool series of geocaches that had the most challenging hides we have ever come across.

Can you see this geocache?

It's the branch running parallel to the trunk of the tree. It's woven in and out of the other branches, holding it in place. The actual cache is a film canister stuck into the end of the branch.

How 'bout this one?

Look way above Paul's head, in the hole in the tree. We needed to use a long forked branch to snag it out.

was the most difficult one of the day.

Paul climbed the tree, then used another long forked branch to reach way over his head for the cache. It was another film canister, stuck in a piece of branch, hanging from another branch. It was at least 20 feet up in the air. If the trees had leaves on them, I don't think we'd have found it.

Today, the little dog had a bath. GotH snuggled him up to warm and dry him.

The knitting is finished on the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Now on to the seams and buttons!

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Lorraine said...

Wow! I had no idea they made those so challenging to reach.

Great pictures. I was stuck inside all weekend and missed the warm weather. Hopefully, the weather will continue nice. You've given me the Jones for some hiking!