Friday, February 8, 2008

Off to the RV show

Thursday evening we were off to the RV show in Minneapolis.

Normally, we would attend on the weekend, but I'm on call this weekend, and must remain within 20 minutes of the hospital. (Hey, it's my LAST weekend call!!!)

We really enjoy walking around, looking at the wide variety of campers and all the necessary accessories. We're not really in the market for anything new, but it's fun to look!

We came across this wild race-themed sales area. Yes, indeedy, this is what EVERYONE needs to drag along in their camper. A rug, an awning, several recliners and chairs, a table, a grill, even a race themed collapsible storage bin. Frankly, it hurt my eyes. Now it can hurt YOURS, too!

We always like to think up a little activity to spice up the evening. Our mischief that night - all of the campers/RVs have stereo systems, some more extensive than others. In the campers we entered to look around, we tuned the stereos to 93X and turned the volume WAY up.

It was great fun to stand back and watch the next people entering the camper/RV. Didn't matter - $10,000 or $300,000 RV - they cringed a bit, explored the RV, and never even turned the volume down. I imagine a few sales people were puzzled later, when they entered their RVs to loud head-banging music. I like to think a few of the young ones had a bit of a giggle.

After our evening of mild subversion, we stopped for supper at White Castle for a rare treat. While waiting for our Slyders (hey, one of their brochures told me how to spell those burgers), we discovered White Castle has informational brochures! (The worst of these was, of course, the nutritional information brochure!)

I got lots more black stockinette done in the truck during the drive.

Pretty soon I can move on to the colorwork!

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