Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, if you know what I mean...

Fun new stitch markers that I received in my Christmas stocking.

Bonus points if you know what they refer to!

The Baby Surprise Jacket is almost complete.

Just a few more rows, then I can sew it together. (My least favorite part.)

I messed around with the new camera at sunset.

I've a sort-of mentor, Ordinary Girl. She's upgraded her camera fairly recently, and takes extraordinary photos. She sets the bar high!

But I watch, I learn, I grow.


Unknown said...

i've recently discovered the joys of Monty Python Fluxx. it's almost as good as "wink, wink" stitch markers!

Unknown said...

No way! Your photos are much better than mine. I think I doubled what I know about photography in one class last night. Maybe eventually I'll feel like I know enough to be a mentor. :)

Keep taking those sunset photos though. I really enjoy them.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I love Fluxx.. the card game, right?

Jenn said...

Beautiful photo's and beautiful knitting!

Guinifer said...

Well, we get the extra points 'cause we are Monty Python Freaks going back a whole generation!