Monday, January 5, 2009

Things to take back to college

Ben and Bekky headed back to Luther last evening.

Bekky took her new (Christmas gift) felted clogs. I had knitted and mailed them to her at her home. She brought them here, and we got them felted down to the appropriate size.

They should help keep her poor little body warm. She definitely doesn't have that nice protective layer of insulation on her tiny little bod!

Ben took his new spinning kit.

We went down to my sewing area, he picked out the fabric he wanted, and I sewed him up a spindle bag. It's black denim from one of his long discarded pair of jeans. I broke 6 needles sewing the darn thing. The seams got so thick! So much for cheap recycling.

Paul made him a PVC niddy noddy.

Now he's ready to spin during his J-term. He promises the kit won't come back at the end of the term in unused condition.

We'll see. The best of intentions...

1 comment:

Lisa said...

What an awesome kit. Too bad about the needles, I would have copied the pattern with my son's old jeans but not after hearing about the broken needles. Yech!

What did you decide to do with the sweater?