Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ski Trip Knitting

On the long drive to Wyoming, I got quite a bit of knitting done. We took two days to get there, staying overnight in Billings, MT. Paul did all the driving those two days. Driving made him happy, knitting pleased me.

On the way home, we alternated driving, as we came straight through. Interestingly, it was 1228 miles out and 1225 miles back. I guess the difference was the trip off the highway to the hotel. Surprising how close that mileage was.

(One of the amazingly similar, compulsive things Paul and I both did, prior to meeting each other 16 years ago, was keep detailed mileage records in our vehicles. Still do.)

There was still plenty of knitting time, even sharing the driving.

I finished, for the second time, the body of his Retrofit sweater. I left the sleeves at home, though, so I couldn't do any assembly. (That's OK, it's not the fun part.)

It looks like it will actually fit this time around!

I started a Lopi sweater for me. I've been wearing a heavy Dale of Norway cardigan sweater as my outdoor jacket this winter, only occasionally throwing my shell over it to fight the wind. I thought a Lopi cardigan would be a bit warmer.

I don't particularly care for the accent colors as I chose them. The red and green look too Christmasy. I've ordered a few new colors. When they arrive, I'll 'try them on for size'.

I'm liking the weight of the sweater, though. It'll be a good jacket sweater.

Ben's girlfriend Bekky has been visiting since New Years Day. She's very patient/polite with our lifestyle, even playing Fluxx with us in the evening. We enjoy having her here very much! She's a good fit...

They'll return to school sometime today. The house'll be pretty quiet after having Ben home for two weeks!

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