Friday, January 2, 2009

Back to the routine

Happy New Year!

We made it home on Sunday. We drove straight through, 1225 miles.

Beyond the beginning in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, the roads were fine. We'd had 59 inches of snow while we were there, so we expected some difficulty escaping.

It's always good to have the difficult part of the driving at the start!

Kids are out of school this week. Paul and I are getting back into the working pattern. (Ya, it kinda stinks. Isn't vacation much nicer?)

Ben's working his way into the fiber tradition.

He started with a spindle.

He worked his way to the wheel.

The Majacraft Suzie is such a forgiving wheel - a great way to begin.

He's a natural. He's spinning great yarn.

Of course, it makes me unreasonably happy to see him do this.

Tuition? Huh? How much? Where do I send the check?


Lisa said...

Glad to hear you made it back safely.

With Ben spinning, it's like you're getting free yarn (unless he's hoping to knit it up, otherwise, you've just lost yourself a wheel/spindle).

Can't wait to see what you finished on your trip. I've done lots of knitting and ZERO spinning. I can hear my wheel crying...

Guinifer said...

Man - who needs the competition?