Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ADD continues

I feel as if I shouldn't really say ADD, but can't come up with more appropriate wording.

Forgive me...

But I'm still skipping 'round, project to project.

I spent Friday evening spinning, while we watched "A Fish Called Wanda". (One of our favorites.)

This is the last bit of crockpot dyeing - the easter egg colored bits of BFL. Only plying left!

I started a Baby Surprise Jacket with the recently dyed turquoise/chestnut superwash merino.

The colors are not photographing very true. The pictures of the skein were more accurate.
(Why is that? Same camera, same photographer, same technique.)

There was a nice surprise in the mail.

This is the December fiber from Chameleon Colorworks.

A lovely superfine merino/tencel blend.

More to spin. YAY!

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