Saturday, January 24, 2009

Before you race

You need to have your skis sharpened and waxed.

Paul recently took a class at Pierce Skate and Ski, obtained the required supplies, and now we have a ski tuning shop in our basement!

Prior to every race, the skis should be sharpened and waxed.

As a racer, you also need to learn these skills.

The apprenticeship begins.

We're coming to the end of the ski racing season, and meets are coming fast and furious, with three meets next week. I sure hope it warms up! We're back in the deep freeze this morning at 14 below zero.

Thursday evening, there was a large meet at Welch Village. There were at least five schools, and 104 skiers! Each skier races down the hill twice, so it gets to be an extended time standing in the cold when you are a spectator! (I need new snow boots! Cold toes!)

Girl of the House took one heck of a fall, got up, hiked back up to the spot she left the course, and finished her run. She demonstrated great perseverance, and her coaches were very proud of her.

Of course, we're always proud of her!

Even Olympians take falls.

It's roughly 25 miles to Welch, so it's good to have a simple stockinette round and round to work on. The Lopi sweater has resumed its growth.


coleen~ said...

a much better photo of night skiing! Way cool camera!!
I think that I saw -2 on our thermometer but I also got up around 830 so it may have warmed up a bit.
love ya~

Guinifer said...

I can't get over how cute she is every time I see your GOtH. That Lopi sweater is lookin' good.