Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ski Team

Girl of the House is on the High School Alpine Ski Team.

Last evening they had a meet at Hyland Ski Area in Bloomington, against Wayzata and Benilde-St Margaret.

Their team came in second. Not bad for a young team.

Fun skiing for the girl, cold toes for her parents.

I need much more experience in night action shot photography.

This was my best shot of GotH. (If this is the best shot, just imagine the rest?)

Trust me, this really is her!


coleen~ said...

I'm not sure that the night action shots are possible! Maybe have a iso of 1000??? hopefully not all of the meets are at night...

Lisa said...

WOW! We don't have any of those types of choices for activities in school. Just the standard stuff. I guess there isn't much in the way of skiing in Nebraska.
What fun.

Guinifer said...

And a very JAM-PACKED warming house, I'd imagine.